Branch Strategic Planning

Dear AAUW Honolulu members,

In 2014, we began to plan for our group’s future. With funds from the sale of the Laulima House, we were able to increase our outreach. The programs and choices we made with this infusion of revenue was a collaborative effort that involved 20 members and leaders of AAUW Honolulu.

Moving forward, we’ve updated our strategic plan for 2017. Our experiences with the programs we implemented and our change in tax status from a public charity to a private foundation were important factors for our upcoming goals and priorities in 2018 to 2020.

Four goals for the three-year period were identified:

  • Establish AAUW Honolulu as a voice and resource for women and girls in the community interested in leadership, access to education, equity in the workplace and finding a supportive community of committed advocates.
  • Grow membership and attract a diverse range of members and supporters though our programs and strategic priorities.
  • Use the increased funds available to increase giving to AAUW National.
  • Identify programs that will define AAUW Honolulu to the community. These will fill unmet needs, such as leadership training, career advancement and advocating for more women in STEM (in addition to AAUW’s core principles) for women and girls.

From these goals, we’re drawn up the following strategic priorities:

  • Giving through scholarships.
  • Educating the general public.
  • Leadership for the general public.
  • Leadership development for AAUW members.
  • Increasing the number of women and girls in STEM.
  • Donating to AAUW National funds and planning for general branch function and growth.

Please contact us with any comments you may have regarding our upcoming plans, goals and priorities.


Joanna Amberger
AAUW Honolulu President