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Let’s Change Hawaii for the Better!

AAUW is about mobilizing for social change, and it is exciting that Honolulu Branch is developing an Advocacy Committee to be part of this national activist movement. Public policy events are important for Branch viability as well as being the best way to diminish gender inequities in Hawaii. Policy action builds AAUW visibility on Oahu, increasing the organization’s appeal for women, resulting in membership growth, key for the long-term survival of our Branch.

Become part of the Advocacy Committee, and determine the public policy direction and events for fall 2015. It is essential to get the Committee structure up and running in time for an action-focused spring legislative session. The Committee is about organizing what will happen, and then locating allies to help make it happen. The goal is to make activism fun and rewarding, and to involve many people, each doing a piece of the whole, so the Committee is self-sustaining, without burning out the core membership.

During the fall, we will also educate ourselves about different aspects of activism, with the assistance of the excellent AAUW national website, which I encourage everyone to explore, and we will spread our knowledge to the Branch as a whole. Building branch capacity will mean that we are able to spring into effective action with the start of the legislative session in January 2016.

Join the Advocacy Committee by contacting Susan Wurtzburg, and providing your preferred e-mail and phone contacts. A meeting is being planned for early September, and a prompt email to Sue will mean that you are involved in planning the date and time.

AAUW Volunteers needed to help students “$tart $mart” this semester

AAUW points out that while many may be aware of the gender pay gap itself, the concrete realities of this gap can often go unnoticed. For example, many are unaware that the gender pay gap affects women in nearly all occupations and fields. And, despite awareness of the gender pay gap, the gap itself has barely lessened in the last decade.

One way to help narrow this pay gap is through AAUW’s $tart Smart workshops, which prepare students, and especially women, to negotiate for their highest pay possible — before they enter the workforce! $tart $mart workshops are held free of cost to the student, and not only educate students about the pay gap, but teach them concrete strategies to help them negotiate for what they’re worth — fair pay.

Zakea Boeger, AAUW Honolulu $tart $mart Coordinator

Zakea Boeger, AAUW Honolulu $tart $mart Coordinator

This year, the AAUW Honolulu Leadership Committee has identified organizing $tart $mart workshops as a target priority. In response, Honolulu member and UH Manoa graduate student Zakea Boeger has taken on the role of $tart $mart Coordinator, and is looking for other members willing to facilitate and recruit $tart $mart workshops on the UH Manoa campus.

Gender Pay Gap by State showing women's median annual earnings compared with men's median annual earnings for full-time workers in 2013

$tart $mart facilitators and recruiters are essential to workshops. Facilitators lead 1-2 $tart $mart workshops per semester, and undergo six hours of training (including attending a $tart $mart workshop) to prepare them to do so. $tart $mart recruiters promote the workshops, targeting and working with professors, student organizations, and student service offices who might be interested in hosting $tart $mart workshops.

Together, the facilitators, recruiters, and coordinator work together to customize each workshop to its attendees, making sure that students have the skills they need to negotiate a fair salary, whatever their field or profession. Any members who are interested in facilitating or recruiting $tart $mart workshops can contact Zakea Boeger for more information.

Check out AAUW’s website dedicated to Fair Pay and the latest research.

Learn more at FightForFairPay.org

Half the Rainbow: 2014 AAUW Hawaii State Convention

Half the Rainbow was the theme for AAUW-Hawaii’s state convention held April 25-27th in Honolulu. Hosts Windward Oahu planned a wonderful gathering which was attended by 56 members representing all seven branches. On Saturday, Dr. Susan Wurtzburg spoke about domestic violence; AAUW Director Charmen Goehring provided a report from national about research and advocacy; Leadership Chair Janet Morse led a session directed at avoiding leadership burn-out; and the day ended with a Pau Hana (Happy Hour) at the Mai Tai Bar.

On Sunday, Dr. Nancie Caraway, First Lady of Hawaii, spoke about human trafficking at the Installation Brunch. Joanna Amberger was thanked for her 2 years as co-president, and Jamie Pardau was installed as president for 2014-2016.

Many thanks to Gretchen Gould, Convention Chair, and Sherry Butler, Windward Oahu president. And a special thanks to Jacquie Maly, Hospitality Chair, who led the proceedings with humor and efficiency! She even had a challenging project for the women to work on at the final session. It was a week-end of inspiration, education, and fun with old and new friends.

University of Hawaii at Manoa and AAUW Honolulu Branch Selected as Elect Her Training Sites

Elect Her logoWe are pleased to announce that the University of Hawaii at Manoa, in conjunction with AAUW Honolulu Branch was elected as one of a new training sites for 2013-2014 for the Elect Her Program offered as a partnership between Running Start and AAUW!

Elect Her

Elect Her–Campus Women Win encourages and trains college women to run for student government and future political office. A collaboration between AAUW and Running Start, Elect Her recognizes the need to expand the pipeline to women running for office and to diminish the longstanding political leadership gender gap.

Why Student Government?

Women hold only a small fraction of elected offices in the United States. Getting women engaged in politics and elected to office earlier in life is the key to strengthening and increasing women’s representation in government. An important part of encouraging young women to step up and lead starts with participation in student government. With an earlier start in politics, women climb higher on the leadership ladder, opening the way for more women share the decision-making power of this country.

What Does an Elect Her Training Look Like?

Elect Her is a one-day, 4.5-hour training. Campus administrators, students, and local AAUW members collaborate with AAUW and Running Start staff to plan the trainings each year.