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Featured AAUW Honolulu Volunteer: Lauren Kaupp

Lauren Kaupp loves volunteering with AAUW Honolulu because she gets to interact with young women who are enthusiastic about learning and growing. 

“Everything AAUW does is to empower women, which is very meaningful to me,” she said. “The programs I’ve been able to participate in as part of AAUW have allowed me to connect directly with K-12 students, which I really enjoy, as a former high school teacher.”

Lauren is currently the Science Specialist for the State of Hawaii Department of Education, where her work is centered on providing leadership in science and STEM education initiatives. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry, an M.S. in Oceanography, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. 

Lauren first got involved with AAUW through the now-discontinued TechSavvy program, which aimed to increase awareness of and interest in STEM among middle school girls and their families. She played many roles as part of the team, including co-chairing the event and coordinating the adult program. 

“The STEM work holds a special place in my heart, and although TechSavvy was discontinued, I love that AAUW continues to support women in STEM,” she said.

Lauren has been a mentor for the Girls Talk Back program for 3 years, and she continues to be impressed by the remarkable young women participating in the program. Girls Talk Back empowers young women to find their voices and serve as leaders in addressing issues that they are passionate about in their communities.

“At some point during each Girls Talk Back cohort, I have reflected on how amazing the program is and how much I would have loved such a program when I was in high school,” she said.

Being involved with AAUW has allowed Lauren to grow personally and professionally. In the past, she was able to attend the AAUW National Conference in Washington, D.C. and says the experience was amazing. Lauren is thankful to AAUW Honolulu Board Member Anna Viggiano for bringing her into the AAUW fold. 

“I really value all of the work that AAUW does and appreciate being able to be involved,” she said. 

Volunteer Profiles: Beverly Munson

As a former HR executive, Bev has first-hand experience with the gender pay gap and how it results in a lifetime of lost income for women. That’s why after working with the AAUW Hawaii Legislative team to pass local pay equity laws, Bev committed herself to expanding and refining the WorkSmart program for the women of Hawaii.

WorkSmart is a workshop designed by AAUW National, intended to teach women how to negotiate for job salaries and raises. Bev recognized the importance of this skill and added elements to the program that could further empower local women, including networking, knowledge of specific state laws, and how to create a professional presence. After leading a team of three other AAUW volunteers in crafting a powerpoint presentation and script, the Wahine Working Smart Forum was born. A live workshop took place in May 2019 and again in November 2019, with over 75 women in total attendance. Though the team was unable to host a live workshop in 2020 due to COVID-19, Bev led the restructuring of Wahine Working Smart to a Zoom format and with the support of the University of Hawaii Alumni Foundation, the team presented the workshop online to over 100 participants.

“It was such a wonderful opportunity to continue using the skills I’d developed in my career,” says Bev. “However, I got more than I gave. I met so many intelligent and engaging women through these Work Smart Programs who have now become special friends. I am especially grateful for the talent and energy put forth by my Work Smart Teammates. They are true treasures! Volunteering with AAUW has enhanced my life in so many ways, I can’t list them all!”

Thank you Bev for your dedication to advancing the women of Hawaii!

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