Breaun Telefoni (Spring 2021)

  Growing up I always was a daydreamer who always accomplished the things I wanted to do in life. If I wanted to do something or get something, I was always very determined to get what I wanted. My life went into many paths where I would go off track or get interrupted with distractions, but with the determination that I always strive for to always do better for myself. I would overcome those distractions. There were a lot of Carrere pathways I would want to do look forward into and never was satisfied. Being a mother of my four-year-old son and now currently pregnant with my second child, I was even more determined to find a relying Carrere that would help provide for my children and me. 

      Attending the HDDA program really opened my eyes and interest on what I wanted to for a living, which is to work in the dental field. And for being a single mother trying to receive the proper education, AAWU grant really helped me achieve my certificate which will now also help me further my education to the next step on becoming a Hygienist. I am very proud of myself and knowing that I completed one step of my prosses, makes me even more eager and hungry to work harder on finishing this process.