Tifany Flemmings

Tifany Flemmings is an aerospace engineering graduate who is making her dreams of flight a reality.

Read how the Tweet Coleman Aviation Scholarship is making that dream a reality. She’s not only furthering the representation of women in aviation, but in STEM as well!

I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where I studied Aerospace Engineering. Working as an engineer can be very stressful at times, but it is always rewarding knowing that I am a contributor to the safe and efficient transportation of passengers every day. However, nothing feels better than getting in a Cessna and flying around the Hawaiian Islands in my free time. I am truly blessed to be able to pursue my love of flying in such a beautiful place, one that I have called home for the last several years. Outside of work and flying, I have the privilege of volunteering with the amazing Aloha chapter of the 99s and the awesome Hawaii 5-0 chapter of Women in Aviation, International.

It was an incredible honor receiving the 2020 AAUW Tweet Coleman Aviation scholarship! The scholarship afforded me the opportunity to complete all the requirements to be endorsed for my instrument rating checkride. Along the way, I encountered so many challenges. Covid-19, unfortunately, impacted the lives of my instructors, which lead to delays in initially getting a CFII and forced me to change instructors two times during my instrument training. The usual weather and maintenance setbacks also played a role in delays in my training. Throughout it all, I was able to quickly regroup and flight train with minimal breaks once I overcame these challenges and that was truly due to the Tweet Coleman Scholarship. The scholarship allowed me to just focus on getting proficient and to fly as much as possible until the instruments and IFR procedures became a natural part of my pilot skills. I plan to complete my checkride to obtain my instrument rating by the end of March 2021.

My ultimate goal is to become a test pilot to test and certify new airplane designs and improvements to aviation technology. In the interim, I want to pursue becoming a volunteer for search and rescue here in Hawaii and continue mentoring female aviators and engineers. I want to thank the AAUW Tweet Coleman Aviation Scholarship committee for this amazing gift that helped me progress in my flight training exponentially during these unforeseen and difficult times.