Ronja Steinbach

New Mexico native Ronja Steinbach dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. Despite coming from the land-locked state, she made the move to attend UH-Manoa.

AAUW Honolulu’s academic scholarship helped to make her dream a reality.

Dear AAUW Honolulu Branch,

I am honored and immensely grateful to have been selected as one of this year’s Educational Fund Scholarship recipients; thank you so much for your time, support, and generosity. Coming from the landlocked desert state of New Mexico, my enduring dreams of studying marine biology felt like a goal that was just out of reach. Now, due to your support, I am able to continue my out-of-state education at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, where I am majoring in marine biology, minoring in botany, and seeking certificate degrees from the Honors Program and Marine Options Program. Through my academic pursuits, I plan to do innovative research in the marine ecosystem and someday share my knowledge by becoming a professor.

In the words of Drew Fuast, “We educate women because it is smart. We educate women because it changes the world.” I am a woman entering the STEM field; I am a woman seeking to learn more about the planet that supports us; I am a woman looking to conserve the ocean and the creatures that live within it; I am a woman seeking to use my scientific knowledge to create a more equitable world; I am a woman who wants positive change; I am a woman and through my education, I am taking the first step towards changing the world. Thank you, AAUW Honolulu Branch, for making that possible for me. The support of women in education is catalyzing the creation of a unified, informed, and positive community which will help us secure an ever-improving future. My main interest in marine fungi may seem unconventional towards creating these changes, but everything is connected and will have a domino effect. Thank you for starting the chain reaction. Thank you for empowering us women and supporting our academic endeavors. Thank you for being a role model in the community.

With gratitude,

Ronja Steinbach