Leslie Caubble

Leslie Caubble and her husband host the Fly Maui aviation podcast where they promote general aviation and share inspiring pilot interviews.

She is active in the Aloha Chapter of the 99s and a volunteer with Girl Scout STEM events, and aviation days on Maui. Through the 99s and the Fly Maui podcast, she hopes to motivate other girls and women to follow their dreams and learn how to take the steps to reach their aviation goals.

Update 1/5/2020:

Janet Morse, Tweet Coleman Aviation Scholarship Chair, recently sat down with Leslie for a question and answer session about how the scholarship has helped her.

What got you into aviation?
Learning to fly was something I wanted to do for a long time. My grandmother was my inspiration to dream big and become a pilot one day. It was the encouragement of my husband, who arranged my first discovery flight, to do something for myself and follow that dream. I’ve never looked back!

Where are you in you training?
I’m currently in training for my commercial certificate. As I’m practicing maneuvers, I’m also building my right seat flying skills in anticipation of becoming a CFI. My plan is to pass the commercial written exam within the month.

What did you achieve by being awarded the Tweet Coleman Scholarship? How did it help you?
Receiving the Tweet Coleman Scholarship was an incredible honor that came at just the right time. The scholarship amount was exactly what I needed to push through to the end of my instrument rating. I’m happy to say within 2 months of receiving the Tweet Scholarship, I was able to earn that instrument rating!

What are your short- and long-term goals?
My short term goal is to finish the commercial training then immediately move into CFI study and training. Maui has a huge need for passionate flight instructors. Many potential students at our flight school have to wait on their training because we don’t have enough CFIs. I want to become part of the solution! My long term goal is to complete the multi-engine commercial and multi-engine instructor. I’d also like to fly part time for Mokulele, flying people around our beautiful state.

How do you give back to the community?
Involvement in the aviation community is very important to me. We recently formed a new Maui Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, and I was elected Vice Chair. Through the 99s, I help present in Girl Scouts STEM events, Maui aviation days, organize meetings and socials, and mentor some of our new student pilots. I also volunteer my time as social media admin for our Chapter, as well as my former Aloha and Memphis Chapters. I co-host an aviation podcast called “Fly Maui” and use that platform to promote general aviation, share my flight training journey, and encourage other pilots to reach their flying goals. I also enjoy flying puppy rescue missions in Hawaii and volunteering with my golden retriever therapy dog with Caring K9s Maui.

Your advice for future applicants?
My biggest piece of advice for future applicants is to find something that you love to do that gives back to your community. Do it with excellence, and do it often. Everyone has that “special something” that is unique in their aviation journey. Don’t be ashamed to share it with others. You never know who you might inspire to get into flying or be a safer pilot through your story. Weave these things into your essay and interview. Even student pilots have so much to offer!