NCCWSL 2019 Participants Look Back on the Transformative Leadership Conference!

AAUW Honolulu’s contingent of NCCWSL scholarship awardees returned from the leadership conference held in Maryland and had this to say:

Autumn-Raine Hesia, Windward Community College Upward Bound Residential Advisor, reflected: “The conference was significant because it was my first chance that I had to fellowship with women from all over the world that had dreams and goals similar to mine. It was refreshing to see these young women inspire, encourage, and advocate for one another in an effortless way. To be in workshops and in key note speeches where inspiring testimony was shared. I am thankful for NCCWSL giving me the opportunity to learn, engage, and feel the change that is up and coming.”

“As a woman and minority in STEM, I had my fair share of hardships and successes since my big move to Hawaii,” Lean Teodoro, who holds a Bachelor of Science in geology and geophysics, shared. “Coming from a small island called Saipan, and leaving to pursue grander ambitions, I was automatically put on a pedestal. While you do have a great supportive network in front of you, you also realize that there are a few out there waiting for you to fail. Hearing from all the amazing, inspiring, and empowering boss babes at the NCCWSL made me feel more confident about my own story, my personal values, and my vision for the future. It has motivated to build more resilience in this time in my life. Above all, it has made me realize that it’s not about your personal successes in life, it’s about how you have applied your success for a greater good.”