AAUW Honolulu Annual Meeting (2019)

Come join AAUW Honolulu for our Annual Meeting on May 28!

Find out how we’ve made an impact in the lives of women and girls in Hawaii! We’ll also discuss our plans and programs for the upcoming year.

Know a friend or family member who’s interested in issues that affect women and girls? Invite them to our meeting! This event is free.

We’ll also be providing bentos from Kokorotei, which guests will need to order when they RSVP. There are three meal options:

  • Chicken karaage bento – Consists of: 6~7pcs Chicken Karaage, Vegetables, Pickles, Hard-boiled egg or Mini Omelette, Sakura Daikon, White Rice (Side dish may change due to availability)
  • Yellowtail teriyaki bento – Consists of: Teiryaki Buri, Sweet Kabocha Pumpkin, Stewed Chilled Eggplant,Sesame flavored String Beans, Vegetables, Sakura Daikon, White Rice (Side dish may change due to availability)
  • Health vegetable bento (vegetarian) – Consists of: Rice-of-the-day (brown or husk rice), seasonal vegetables, such as: sweet stewed kabocha (pumpkin), stewed sato-imo, seasoned egg plant, sesame-string beans, sakura daikon

If you are interested in a bento, please RSVP by May 22 and select your choice in the form.

Please contact us if you have any mobility issues or will require special accommodations to participate. Parking and/or other accommodations can typically be provided upon request.

WHEN: May 28, 2019, 6:15 pm to 8 pm
WHERE: Manoa Public Library (2716 Woodlawn Dr, Honolulu, HI 96822

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