Tanya Dreizin

Tanya Dreizin is a graduate student working toward her M.A. at Hawaii Pacific University in its Global Leadership and Sustainable Development program, focusing on waste management and sustainability within Oahu’s tourism industry.

She’s an active part of the community, volunteering with The Arch Project, and taking part in a semester-long internship at the Sierra Club. Her passion for sustainability dovetails with her interests in rock climbing, hiking and traveling.

With her grant from AAUW Honolulu, Tanya attended the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago. The conference brings together leaders from a variety of different backgrounds and disciplines, such as sustainability, health, social welfare, diplomacy, and more.

She said, “The opportunity to attend this conference has connected me with multiple leaders who are in the process of starting and funding new organizations that aim to serve communities abroad and at home! I attended plenaries where I learned so much about leadership development, fostering outreach among communities, and how to successfully work with various stakeholders. I was also able to network with professionals, such as the Director of Philosophy of Patagonia and more, which I hope can create potential opportunities in the future!”

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