Meira Leonard

Meira’s grandfather flew in World War 2 and taught her older sister how to fly. From an early age she loved airports, planes, and everything to do with flying. She went to college, joined the Peace Corps and founded her own web web design business.

About two years ago, with her dream of becoming a pilot a distant memory, she visited an airshow at a small airport. Taking a discovery flight, her feelings about flying came flooding to the surface.

Learning to fly came with some obstacles. Meira says, “I was blown away with how much information and skill it required and gained a much deeper respect for pilots and what they go through.”

She created cheat sheets and visual aids and received so much positive feedback that she created a website to share these resources with others. While working on her instrument rating she joined AuxAir, a voluntary aviation group under the National Guard to patrol the local waters on search & rescue missions.

Meira added, “I love being able to help others, just like so many people have helped me.”

She hopes to become a commercial pilot and to see how her dream will take her.