Catching Up With Our Awardees at the 2017 Scholarship Alumni Event!

Members of AAUW Honolulu and past awardees of the group’s scholarship gathered at the Hawaii Yacht Club on Thursday, March 16, 2017 to catch up on their work.

  • Joy Lacanienta received a graduate fellowship from AAUW Honolulu Branch in 2013. She recently produced an award winning  documentary film “Unsheltered Crimes” that focuses on the social issue of criminalizing poverty by incarcerating the unsheltered communities of Hawai‘i.
  • Julia Graham received the Tweet Coleman Aviation Award in 2016. She has an advanced degree in aeronautical science and is working on a commercial multi-engine pilot’s license.
  • Ruth R. Fletcher, Ph.D. received a national AAUW American Fellowship to finish her dissertation before moving to Honolulu and taking on the role of Head of School for St. Andrew’s Schools.