AAUW Honolulu Annual Meeting

Come join AAUW Honolulu for our Annual Meeting!

Learn how we have impacted women and girls in Hawaii and discuss the next year of exciting plans and programs – a perfect opportunity to invite friends and family!

WHEN: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 ~ 6:30-830pm

WHERE: Manoa Public Library

Dinner is OPTIONAL! The event fee is to be paid if you ordering dinner. If you are bringing your own dinner, you do not have to pay the event fee.

Feel free to bring your own meal, eat before/after the meeting, or order from us and we will bring a variety of salads, Younghee’s FAMOUS wraps, dessert and a refreshing nonalcoholic cooler! Vegetarian options will be included.

Water and tea will be available for everyone.

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Show your AAUW support with a fabulous t-shirt for only $10! Shirts will be available at the event or prepay now for fast pickup at the door.

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