Support Pro-Women Legislation During the 2017 Session!

4234166350_d1a462d913_oIn 2016, the Hawaii Women’s Legislative Caucus supported 37 bills. Each of these bills received several letters of testimony by AAUW members as they were heard by various committees in the Hawaii State legislative process.

This year, the Hawaii Women’s Legislative Caucus will be supporting fewer bills. The caucus will announce their selected bills on Thursday, January 26, at the Women’s Legislative Caucus Breakfast, hosted by the YWCA. However, certain topics seem likely to be included among the Caucus selections: economic justice, reproductive justice, plus violence and safety. These issues fit with the three policy priorities of AAUW Hawaii and AAUW Honolulu: equal pay, reproductive choice, and gender violence.

To prepare for the Spring legislative session, I ask that AAUW Honolulu members complete two tasks before the New Year. First, please confirm the email AAUW has on file is correct by logging into your membership page on the AAUW National website. This will help you to receive requests for testimony at the state level. Second, please confirm that you have registered for the 2-minute activist. If you are unsure, do it again! You receive 2-minute activist emails, helping AAUW support bills at the state and national level.

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