NCCWSL Made a Difference with AAUW Honolulu’s Scholarship Attendees!

NCCWSL, or the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, is the premier conference for college women.


Liz Brown

Through workshops and speakers, attendees are given the opportunity to develop the skills to lead and take charge — closing the leadership gap in government and the private sector.

Dionne Malia Infiel and Grace Shimabakuro

Of those that attended, nine of them were awarded scholarships from AAUW Honolulu. Liz Brown, Grace Shimabakuro and Malia Infiel shared their experiences with AAUW Honolulu members — and they unanimously agreed that the experience changed their lives for the better.

“It was amazing to be surrounded by intelligent, like-minded women,” Brown said. ‘It was awesome.”

“I had an amazing time,” Infiel, a social work major, said.


Grace Shimabakuro

“In Hawaii, we have many who are challenged with being ‘houseless’,” Dionne Malia Infiel, who is working toward her bachelor’s in social work at UH-Manoa, said. “Going to Washington DC let me see how they’re dealing with this issue. While at NCWSSL, I volunteered with some of their human service organizations which allowed me to see how I can do my part to end poverty in Hawaii.”

“I took away perspective from NCCWSL — and that’s from meeting lots of people and hearing their stories,” Shimabakuro said.