AAUW Honolulu Celebrates its Latest Scholarship Recipients

Future female doctors, engineers and a pilot were honored in the present during AAUW Honolulu’s scholarship recipient celebration at the Outrigger Canoe Club.

The AAUW Honolulu scholarships are awarded to female undergraduate and graduate students; in addition, the organization also awards the “Tween Coleman Aviation Scholarship” for a student pursuing a career as a pilot and this year’s ceremony marked its 25th anniversary.

The awardees were UH-Manoa students Sharyse Nadamoto (undergraduate, mechanical engineering), Aricia Argyris (undergraduate, mechanical engineering) , Christina Kawai (medical student), Shannon Kogachi (medical student), Christine Lee and Raphela Che (nursing); Julia Graham, an alum of the University of California at Berkeley, was awarded with the Tweet Coleman Aviation Scholarship. The amount awarded to the attendees totaled $52,000. They were honored at the event, held at the club on August 24.

group-photo-3Kogachi said, “The AAUW Honolulu scholarship decreases the financial burden, and it’s helpful in medical school. I can focus on school. [AAUW Honolulu] is also an inspiring organization for women, and it’s good to know we can chase our dreams and there’s other women we can look up to.”

Che, a single mother from Cameroon and domestic abuse survivor, added, “It’s tremendous. Every penny counts and this scholarship helps a lot.” She also said the scholarship would enable her to attend nursing school tuition-free for the first year.

Argyris is hoping to go into renewable energy or robotics, describes the scholarship as “tremendous” and added, “I’m able to focus on my studies and my extracurricular activities, like my involvement with the Society of Women Engineers — I’m the vice president of external affairs. Being able to focus on that and my studies, rather than trying working and trying to find ways to pay for school, it’s a real big help.”

“One of AAUW Honolulu’s missions is to advocate for equal gender parity in education,” Janet Morse, chair of AAUW Honolulu’s scholarship committee, said. “The women who were awarded with scholarships have a bright future and we’re delighted to be able to help them on their way to being the future leaders of their respective fields.”