Grace Hopper: Computing Trailblazer


AAUW Honolulu is offering two scholarships to the Grace Hopper Celebration in Computing. Organized by the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology and the Association for Computing Machinery and held in Houston, Texas, the Grace Hopper Celebration in Computing is a conference for and by women computer scientists.

Applications are due by June 15; for more information, click here to apply…

Grace Hopper’s nickname was “Amazing Grace” — and by all accounts, it was hard-earned and extremely appropriate. She broke barriers in occupations that, to this day, are still underrepresented by women. Hopper not only served in the Navy Reserve and retired as a rear admiral, she also pioneered computing, working on Harvard’s Mark I and UNIVAC during World War II. She contributed to what would become the COBOL programming language, implemented standards that helped to unify the different flavors of codes used by different companies and developed the first compiler. A warship and a Cray XE6 at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center are both named after her.