What are you doing for Equal Pay Day?

equalpaydayEqual Pay Day is the symbolic day when women’s earnings “catch up” to men’s earnings from the previous year. It’s also a powerful occasion to raise awareness about and organize action around the gender pay gap in your community.  This year, Equal Pay Day will be observed on Tuesday, April 12th.

Did you know that women typically work an extra 14 or 15 weeks in the following year to make the same amount earned by men in the previous year? This means that women are working an extra 70-75 days more than men to reach the same goal. Aghast?  You should be!  So what can you be doing?

You can contact Susan Wurtzburg,  Advocacy Chair, AAUW-Honolulu), susan.wurtzburg@gmail.com,  and tell her that you want to be involved.  We have plans on the day that may include receiving proclamations from the Governor and the Mayor of Honolulu.   A noon event is being planned; Participate and help our voice be heard.