Jessica Yaple

jessica YapleAAUW Honolulu welcomes Jessica Yaple, an AAUW Scholarship awardee!  Jessica is majoring in Social Work at Hawaii Pacific University and expects to graduate in May 2016.  Receiving the AAUW scholarship has allowed Jessica to gain greater financial stability both now and in the future.  For Jessica, “[t]his scholarship has empowered me to focus more fully on my studies, become involved in other activities within the AAUW (such as legislative advocacy), and learn the value of pursuing every benefit that we are eligible for. These lessons of hard work, persistence, advocacy, community involvement, and networking are valuable lessons that I hope to carry with me in all of my personal and professional endeavors.  As a future social worker, I hope to guide other colleagues and clients in developing these same qualities. I feel so blessed and grateful to have received such a prestigious award while also partnering with passionate, intelligent, and motivated women in promoting positive social change for women.”