Calling AAUW Start Smart Now Supporters: Workshop Recruiters Needed!

start smart workshop

Joanna Amberger, AAUW Honolulu Branch President, facilitates a $tart $mart workshop at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, Career Center.

Female graduates entering today’s workforce can expect to get fewer job offers, fewer promotions and get paid twenty-three percent less than their male counterparts. Less opportunity, fewer top jobs and less pay are financial realities our college graduates face as they enter the workforce.

AAUW Honolulu’s Start Smart Now workshops are addressing this inequity. On November 5th, AAUW-Honolulu partnered with the UH Manoa Career Center for a Start Smart Now workshop. Honolulu Branch President Joanna Amberger facilitated the program, engaging a room filled with students eager to learn, among other things:

  • How to quantify the market value of their education, skills, and experience
  • How to conduct objective market research and determine a fair target salary, and
  • How to create a strategic pitch and respond to salary offers

For continued program success, AAUW Honolulu needs volunteers to serve as Start Smart Now recruiters. Recruiters will help promote the program on the UH Manoa Campus, seeking out professors, campus organizations, and student service offices who might be interested in hosting Start Smart Now workshops. Our recruiters are essential to expanding and continuing the Start Smart Now series. Be a part of this valuable, local program.

Those interested in learning more about recruiting for the program can contact Start Smart Now Coordinator Zakea Boeger at