Let’s Change Hawaii for the Better!

AAUW is about mobilizing for social change, and it is exciting that Honolulu Branch is developing an Advocacy Committee to be part of this national activist movement. Public policy events are important for Branch viability as well as being the best way to diminish gender inequities in Hawaii. Policy action builds AAUW visibility on Oahu, increasing the organization’s appeal for women, resulting in membership growth, key for the long-term survival of our Branch.

Become part of the Advocacy Committee, and determine the public policy direction and events for fall 2015. It is essential to get the Committee structure up and running in time for an action-focused spring legislative session. The Committee is about organizing what will happen, and then locating allies to help make it happen. The goal is to make activism fun and rewarding, and to involve many people, each doing a piece of the whole, so the Committee is self-sustaining, without burning out the core membership.

During the fall, we will also educate ourselves about different aspects of activism, with the assistance of the excellent AAUW national website, which I encourage everyone to explore, and we will spread our knowledge to the Branch as a whole. Building branch capacity will mean that we are able to spring into effective action with the start of the legislative session in January 2016.

Join the Advocacy Committee by contacting Susan Wurtzburg, and providing your preferred e-mail and phone contacts. A meeting is being planned for early September, and a prompt email to Sue will mean that you are involved in planning the date and time.