AAUW Volunteers needed to help students “$tart $mart” this semester

AAUW points out that while many may be aware of the gender pay gap itself, the concrete realities of this gap can often go unnoticed. For example, many are unaware that the gender pay gap affects women in nearly all occupations and fields. And, despite awareness of the gender pay gap, the gap itself has barely lessened in the last decade.

One way to help narrow this pay gap is through AAUW’s $tart Smart workshops, which prepare students, and especially women, to negotiate for their highest pay possible — before they enter the workforce! $tart $mart workshops are held free of cost to the student, and not only educate students about the pay gap, but teach them concrete strategies to help them negotiate for what they’re worth — fair pay.

Zakea Boeger, AAUW Honolulu $tart $mart Coordinator

Zakea Boeger, AAUW Honolulu $tart $mart Coordinator

This year, the AAUW Honolulu Leadership Committee has identified organizing $tart $mart workshops as a target priority. In response, Honolulu member and UH Manoa graduate student Zakea Boeger has taken on the role of $tart $mart Coordinator, and is looking for other members willing to facilitate and recruit $tart $mart workshops on the UH Manoa campus.

Gender Pay Gap by State showing women's median annual earnings compared with men's median annual earnings for full-time workers in 2013

$tart $mart facilitators and recruiters are essential to workshops. Facilitators lead 1-2 $tart $mart workshops per semester, and undergo six hours of training (including attending a $tart $mart workshop) to prepare them to do so. $tart $mart recruiters promote the workshops, targeting and working with professors, student organizations, and student service offices who might be interested in hosting $tart $mart workshops.

Together, the facilitators, recruiters, and coordinator work together to customize each workshop to its attendees, making sure that students have the skills they need to negotiate a fair salary, whatever their field or profession. Any members who are interested in facilitating or recruiting $tart $mart workshops can contact Zakea Boeger for more information.

Check out AAUW’s website dedicated to Fair Pay and the latest research.

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